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These rules apply specifically to this discussion board, but we also hold our members to them regardless of where they interact.

  1. Keep your discussions clean, calm and respectful - this way we'll all have more fun.
  2. Remember that there may be children reading your posts - post with due care and attention.
  3. Throughout this discussion board respect should be the first thing on your mind. Respect your fellow members and respect their thoughts and contributions. You may not agree with their thoughts but you should respect them all the same.
  4. This discussion board is provided to help you and others have more fun - if you use this board to detract from other people's fun then you will be warned and, if necessary, removed permanently.
  5. If in doubt about something ask the Forum Staff before you act - don't just rush in where angels fear to tread - landmines tend to blow your legs off if you do. ;)
  6. Ultimately, your final recourse on this discussion board is to ask for an Forum Staff Member's involvement. The Staff Member will do what they can to help but ultimately the priority will be the community of this site.

Terms of Service

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