Rust Server: Coming Soon

Ronin Storm

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So you're big into Rust then?

Does it really devolve into naked guys bashing each other in the head with rocks?


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Sure, it involves naked guys bashing each other with rocks! ;)

It's a survival game with a lot of PvP. You need to play with friends to get anywhere since there are so many "bandits" about (PvP players that kill for fun)

Gameplay is hunting, survival, gathering, crafting.
Gathering is the usual.. rocks.. woodpiles, trees etc.

When you first start.. naked, cold and hungry.. you're gonna want to get yourself a shelter and campfire up and see if you can find any rabbit or chickens to get you through the night. It's slow progression at first but not rocket science compared to some other crafting games.

There are quite a few crafting options implemented already. You can craft tools, armour, weapons (from bow to m4 and explosives), bandages, medkits and so on.

The thing that makes the game fun for me personally is the ability to also craft your own persistent forts and expand them as much as you wish. Lay a foundation, pillars, walls, doorways, windows. Fill your new fort with storage boxes, sleeping bags, workbenches, furnaces (all also crafted). Try to go out in the world and obtain the rarer blueprints to learn more advanced crafting techniques.. the ultimate goal in the current state of the game is to get kitted out in full kevlar, with m4s or mp5s, and have a metal fort built (you need to find metal foundation, pillar, wall, and doorway blueprints first.. something we've still never managed).

Downside of the game: A bit buggy sometimes and RAMPANT with hackers. Hence getting our own server.. so we can kick the blighters. What we can't control is hackers coming on overnight and breaking into your impenetrable fortress via a hack. So losing stuff is almost expected.

But even in alpha it's super playable. We've been having fun.. clocked up 50+ hours so far.