Name that game!!


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(I now realise I have chosen a name very similar to the other, similar thread. Unfortunately I can't change that now so hopefully it wont get confusing.)

Right, to business. Basically I'll start by showing a screenshot of a game, and the first person to guess it wins a point and has to post the next screenshot. The screenshots can be a full screenshot or a part of a screenshot and the games can be from any platform, past or present.

If no one guesses after a while, the poster can give clues, post the full screenshot etc. Make sure you don't give away the game in the URL of the picture (I'd suggest using Photobucket or something to store and link your pictures).

Once someone guesses correctly the person who posted the picture awards the points. The person who guesses correctly posts the next one and so on. We'll keep a running table showing who has the most points in descending order. One guess per post and you can only guess again if the original poster has posted saying your answer was wrong.

EDIT: The stuff below are rule clarifications that have arisen as the game has been played:

The screenshot must be of a game or expansion that has been released. No fan-mods, cancelled games, something you coded in a hlaf hour lunch break etc.

Unless something is otherwise stated in the rules, the poster of the screenshot has the right to decide what answer they accept. If the the screenshot poster (SP) is happy to accept the name of the franchise, for example, they can do that. If another SP wants the specific game, that's their choice too.

Here we go then, an easy one to start with:



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Cool cool :) Just to add, though, once you confirm that someone has guessed right you need to post the table with the updated scores. Not that it's exacly an issue right now, as there's only two names on there :p

So new screenie then bed! I'll make this one more difficult.



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Actually it looks like some kind of racing game, having looked at the text on that more closely.

No idea though :D


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I'm trying to think on a cartoonish racer that doesn't take it self seriously but the only thing that comes to mind is Micro Machines lol